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About Energy Human Resources Technology Solutions

Catcher Technology

Our technology use various data available on the networks, both public and secured. We are extensively using social networks as basis for the primary analysis of the social behavior of the potential candidates exposing their extraordinary behavioral patterns.

In the modern society the vital energy level varies according to various factors apart from the genetics, age, there are factors such as the environment, education and family background and personal habits that shape the energy pattern of the people. We are using most complex analysis in order to identify the big fish within the crowd.

Your potentials are being tracked in considerable time periods, performing carefully designed tests on their integrity and stability. Information is being processed by our departments taking even closer look on the overall energetic structure of your candidates.

We always take a close personal look, before we submit the candidate, taking into account the timing to approach him or her with your offer. Our procedures makes sure that the candidate is already waiting there to accept suggested position. Optimal timing to disclose your offer is within our excellence. We guarantee our clients that our offers are always being accepted.

The energy transfer is secured with full integrity towards health of the potential. The transfer is performed in gentle way, with full care for the physical condition of the providing individual. A team of professionals is there to assist in case of any challenges that may occur in the process.