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What is Human Energy?

The concept of human energy refers to the forces within and outside of the human body that distribute life force. These are staples of ancient Eastern traditions, where human energy is called “prana” in Sanskrit and “chi” or “qi” in Chinese. This energy dictates internal health, protects the body from outside forces, and aids in spiritual processes. Human body, since its conception, is a strong energy generator. By using modern technologies, we are now able to measure, analyze, and transfer wast amounts of human energy.

Human Energy GridHuman Energy System
In order for energy to travel throughout the body, it must have a clear path. Chi travels through meridians, and prana through chakras, but both involve complex systems of spiritual and physical centers. There are seven main chakras, and eight main meridians, but both systems hold that different types of spiritual energy are contained in different parts of the body.

Human Aura
Aura is a common term for the field of energy surrounding a person’s body. The intensity of this field indicates the overall vitality of the person. Intensity of one’s aura can be linked to their general well-being, indicated by their energy levels. Our sensors focus on radiant aural fields, that can be easily tapped into for energy transfer.

Human Energy Harvesting
We have developed special technology and methods that allow energy transfer between the source human and the structure available for energy input. Special devices can transform the human energy into electricity. Generating electricity as a by-product of human living, is currently the most ecologic energy technology on the market.

Human Energy Use
Vital energy has universal application in any kind of human activity. We are now able to harvest, cumulate and transfer vast amounts of human energy to provide for any project or activity. There are wide opportunities to improve in business, arts, science and government sectors through direct inputs of human energy.

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