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Catcher Agency

Welcome to Catcher, the intelligence agency designed to identify people with suitable energy patterns. We carefully analyze the crowd to identify and contract individuals with the most extraordinary capabilities, to provide for your vision.

What is Human Energy
Everything is energy. It is the vital energy which determines the success in all fields of human activity. The ultimate source of this vital energy are people. We specialize in people with extraordinary levels of personal vital energy to be applied in any project to succeed.

Human Sources
Catcher has established a revolutionary approach in the human resources management. We identify the radiant people to contribute their vital energy for your vision. We contract these candidates in the most suitable moment to guarantee the positive results and stability of your project in long term.

We use patented methods and technology based on latest scientific results, as per identification the energetic structures stored in human body, radiated to the human aura. We have developed a sophisticated technologies to identify the radiant people in the human crowd.

We provide the top quality creative energetic individuals in the field of arts, information technologies, national security and global government. Whatever is the field of your business, we customize our approach to vitalize your project.